The Weekend’s Effort

Woohoo! This weekend has been particularly fruitful in the sewing realm. As you will see, the sewing machine cover that I mentioned (and have been promising myself for ages!) is DONE 🙂

Modelling the cover for me is my latest acquisition Vanessa. She is a Blythe doll, my first but not my last!

Further on are two of the stuffed santa’s that the kids have made, I think we have three more to do, and a babushka bunny that Ren attempted to sew herself on the machine, which caused a great deal of heartache and unpicking! LOL But Mum came to the rescue and as a joint effort Ren has completed the bunny she has been busting to get since she saw it on Bella’s blog.

I also spent some time up at school attempting to declutter! HA like that is ever going to happen!  (But I will not give up and will keep on persevering… :/ )

Cooked the bestest dinner in the whole wide world last night – corned beef in the slowcooker, with ALL home grown vegies – spuds, brocoli, cabbage, cauliflower and mustard sauce YUMMO!  Apparently its going to be topped tonight by the worlds best BBQ… hee hee like thats going to happen…  Anyhoo, thats about it for me for now.  If you are one of the VERY few that happens to read this, write me a comment and say hello!


Getting Ready….

On Wednesday we will hold our first school fete. I am busily sewing up some bandana scarf thingos, some quick and easy skirts, making rice paper covered pencils and lots of yummy goodies too. Kids at school have made some beautiful peg magnets and decorated pencil tops…too fun. Will upload some pictures later in the day.

Getting Ready….For HOLIDAYS! Yay! Five more working days to go before we go down home to the farm and see if it floated down the road with the rest of Charlton and Boort…hmmm hope not…