Making it Nice (with the FLYlady)

Hmmm, are you one of those very organised people who doesn’t REALLY need to do housework?  Or maybe you grew up in an organised household and know that housework has a system…

I am neither of those types.  I grew up in a hoarding household with no real rhyme or reason to the housework getting done, only that it did and dishes were always done, but resting in the rack usually.  Please don’t hold that against me or my family.  We are all different.

I hate the way my house is cluttered and never as tidy as I want it.

A couple of years ago when I was a scrapbook aholic I was introduced to the FLYlady.  I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with the whole idea immediately and worked consistenly at the ‘program’ for quite sometime.  I felt in control, and most importantly less stressed about the state of my house.  Unfortunately, different things happened and I fell off the wagon.  That is no fault of the program, just life and habits etc.  Now if you take a look at vids and music its pretty novice stuff, and really not to my taste but the ideas and advice are great if you struggle like me.

Anyway, I am starting over in an attempt to bring order back into my life and that of my wonderful family.  I will post here pretty regularly to keep myself accountable…

Ok, so I have no idea how to edit this page as a new blog post…that is frustrating.

But to update you all, in the time since I posted here last (about two weeks?) I have pretty well got things under control again.  I wouldn’t saying I am ‘flying’ just yet, but certainly found my kitchen and craft room, linen closet, bathroom and its cabinet (who knew there was actually a shelf in there???) bedroom dresser and a corner in the loungeroom.  I am very proud of myself for the current upkeep of these areas as well.

Even the man about the house has gotten on the wagon and made our bed this morning! He has also decluttered a phenominal amount of his stuff which i have to say i thought was NEVER going  to happen.  I am VERY excited by these actions and proud of us all 🙂


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  1. motherwho
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 09:50:12

    This sounds amazing!!! Just opened the link to check it out. I am definitely not someone who is in control in her house. I collect things and have junk everywhere and I hate it. I always wish that my ‘default setting’ at home was NEAT but it is far from it. As soon as I have finished cleaning or tidying one area, another space is a pigsty again. Grrr. At least you have 4 kids and have some sort of excuse – I only have 1!!! And was like this well before I ever had a baby…. enough rambling. Thanks for the tip!


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