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A little early I know, but its getting hard to do this at my usual time and place due to other commitments – meetings all day tomorrow in other words!

How fun are parcels in the mail???? This week I got my very own signed copy of YOU SEW GIRL, plus a very cool bundle of zips and a 1″ bias tape maker…YAY! Plus my very first Martha Stewart book, and the FRANKIE Spaces publication. All very nice to receive after a rough day at work I must say.

This week I have been plodding along on my knitting. As I restarted due to my perfectionism I am feeling a little bit remorseful about it, BUT I will get there in the end.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to sew clothes for my Blythe dolls.  I would like to add them to a list of things to sell at some stage, but not until I perfect the patterns I am making (first time ever for doing this!) I have found that either my printer doesn’t print the scale that everyone elses does or my dolls are a different size to all others in the ENTIRE universe.  This could be seen as a negative, however, it has made my venture into the new territory of pattern drafting.  Here are my two efforts from the weekend…

Now I might add, I have been a bit shy in saying how much I love Blythe dolls! I don’t have millions, maybe want one or two more, don’t ‘play with them but love to create things for them…odd, but FUN.  I put it down to not really having a doll fostering upbringing. Apparently footies were more appropriate.  I am now starting to seriously doubt that.

Anyway, the next project for my creative space MIGHT be a repurposed bookshelf from start to finish (ie right now it houses paperwork, CD ROMS etc and STUFF.   Later it MIGHT house dolls LOL, always wanted to make a doll house and now I just think I will,, DD is up for it though she is in no way at all impressed with or interested in playing with dolls or even thinking about them much. Hee hee.

You can go to Kootoyoo to find more creative spaces.  I am going over now to see if the linkin thingo is working!


My Creative Space

Well after a frivolous weekend spent crafting and camping, I am still attached to my hook!  There is a market coming up in my area and along with garden things to sell for my classroom I am trying to get together some handmade goodness to sell to the punters.  This market is not traditionally renowned for handmade really so it could be just the thing everyone is looking for!

My list of things to test at the stall include crocheted dish cloths, doorstops, ipod/iphone pouches, baked goodies and possibly some jam. The classroom list includes worm wee, magnetic pegs and seedlings.

I would be most grateful to hear from any of you that do the market rounds.  This market caters to a very small few – no more than about 500 i reckon and that is a very generous estimation.  I am not sure how many of each item to prepare…any help would be great!

Oops…i forgot to add that you can go to KOOTOYOO to find many many more awsome spaces.  Its a great linky link to get out there in blog world and see lots of handmade goodness!

Still going



On THE road…..

Left home at the rock yesterday at about 3. Above is my current view through front windscreen. Just passed a place called Spalding on our way to Burra South Australia. Should get home to my little farm at about 11 tonight…



My Creative Space…

Its nice to be getting some craft done, after what seems like forever of not having the time.  I am really loving the MY CREATIVE SPACE blogging expedition through kootoyoo and hope that you join me in celebrating the work of some VERY talented folk. 

I am working on what was to be a cushion cover for my son, who is an eels supporter.  I was informed by my daughter that the eels were green with a bit of blue and yellow.  Much to my surprise its actually blue and yellow with a bit of green!!! So now the green granny squares that I have learned to crochet will be added to in great amounts to create a blanket for him instead…

My daughter is invited to a birthday party for one of her best friends, and we have decided that a make up kit and a little pouch to hold it all in will be just the order of the day.  She has chosen the beautifully bright fat quarters from spotlight and I will whip it up a little later this afternoon.

I really can’t wait to see what others have going on at their creative spaces that you can find at kootoyoo.  Please don’t be shy if you visit here, leave a message as I will for you.

What a week!

Crikey, I didn’t realise how much I enjoy my work until I couldn’t get there this week! My kids have been really unwell, but they seem on the mend today. While home with them this week I have taught DD to sew on the machine. Unfortunately she is not as interested as learning to unpick! LOL But she did manage to do her first project – a set of coasters for her teacher for Christmas. I also completed my first ever set of coasters, which was also my first ever attempt at ‘quilting’. Very fun! I am very excited by my proto type and look forward to the production line of creativity for our homemade Christmas. I would love to hear from you if you are emabarking on a homemade Christmas too. 🙂
Here is Rens efforts 🙂                                                            and these are mine 🙂

Getting Ready….

On Wednesday we will hold our first school fete. I am busily sewing up some bandana scarf thingos, some quick and easy skirts, making rice paper covered pencils and lots of yummy goodies too. Kids at school have made some beautiful peg magnets and decorated pencil tops…too fun. Will upload some pictures later in the day.

Getting Ready….For HOLIDAYS! Yay! Five more working days to go before we go down home to the farm and see if it floated down the road with the rest of Charlton and Boort…hmmm hope not…

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