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Oh yes, its true, I nearly consider myself to be a knitter! Yay!  However, it should be noted that as I knit quite comfortably in near darkness watching the tellie with the family, I had made a little mistake, which I was then successful at fixing (6 rows unpicked etc etc) only to make the SAME mistake two rows back into it.  A real knitter would know exactly how to use the crochet hook to fix it.  Alas, not I so my first cardi thingo will have some very home made loveliness about it.  😀

There is still no Creative Spaces at Kootoyoo, but I am hoping next week there will be.  You can go here to look at the past spaces for inspiration though.  Have fun and HAPPY EASTER!


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  1. gretchen/juneatnoon
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 11:38:01

    That yarn is creative a very nice fabric. And don’t worry, it’s the ripping and redoing that really helps you learn, so don’t be afraid of it! 🙂


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