MY creative SPACE

Well its been a somewhat creative week here on my farm, but it’s all over now as we sit in the car on our adventure back to the red centre.

I was very excited to do a small but lovely bit of shopping at the local patchwork shop. A few things to tide me over…including a rotary cutter and ruler thingy…


I did go back for round two to grab the wool and needles I need to start my first ever real knitting project from BHG mag last month. Was so excited to find the store keeper in inglewood knitting exact same project so I could get details from her, tad hard to make a special purchase like that without the list of requirements (because said list is on kitchen table in different state!!!)

I had NO idea figs could taste so good! whipped up some fresh fig jam on Monday and it is glorious. My new favorite with cream on scones! Yesterday I made some lemon marmalade too… Equally yummy.

Also found some great sheets for the vintage sheet swap but no pics as they are safe and sound on roof rack!

Well I am off to look at everyone elses spaces at (I have tried so hard to make. Link from my mobile but can’t figure it out sorry… Seeya!

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