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Well after a frivolous weekend spent crafting and camping, I am still attached to my hook!  There is a market coming up in my area and along with garden things to sell for my classroom I am trying to get together some handmade goodness to sell to the punters.  This market is not traditionally renowned for handmade really so it could be just the thing everyone is looking for!

My list of things to test at the stall include crocheted dish cloths, doorstops, ipod/iphone pouches, baked goodies and possibly some jam. The classroom list includes worm wee, magnetic pegs and seedlings.

I would be most grateful to hear from any of you that do the market rounds.  This market caters to a very small few – no more than about 500 i reckon and that is a very generous estimation.  I am not sure how many of each item to prepare…any help would be great!

Oops…i forgot to add that you can go to KOOTOYOO to find many many more awsome spaces.  Its a great linky link to get out there in blog world and see lots of handmade goodness!


Its in the bag…

My super fun extra long weekend has been very productive on the home front!  I was determined not to be houseworking it up this break and so got on the flylady bandwagon a few weeks ago and POOF! My house is clean! So fun, because it means that I can do all my other fun stuff guilt free.  Good, good, good idea I tell you 🙂

Now here are a couple of bags I made this break.  Green and yellow ‘girl friday’ bag I made on Friday and the pink and blue ‘ beach house’ bag I began on Sat and completed yesterday afternoon when we got back from a camping trip.

You can recieve the bags as kits like I did from here.  I have them as part of the ‘Bagalicious Bag Club’…

While camping, one of the pooches was doing this….

While I made a crocheted dish cloth (which was given to a needy neighbour before photo could be taken) and this VERY COOL (according to daughter) ipod pouch.

Hope you all found something great to do this weekend.  I have also just turned off the oven to some homemade canneloni – riccota, rocket(from garden), mushroom and onion.  Tomoto Passata to top it was also from homemade stock in cupboard YAY! I am SO loving that.  My grandma would be so proud of me 😀

My Creative Space

Oh yes, its true, I nearly consider myself to be a knitter! Yay!  However, it should be noted that as I knit quite comfortably in near darkness watching the tellie with the family, I had made a little mistake, which I was then successful at fixing (6 rows unpicked etc etc) only to make the SAME mistake two rows back into it.  A real knitter would know exactly how to use the crochet hook to fix it.  Alas, not I so my first cardi thingo will have some very home made loveliness about it.  😀

There is still no Creative Spaces at Kootoyoo, but I am hoping next week there will be.  You can go here to look at the past spaces for inspiration though.  Have fun and HAPPY EASTER!



I was doing my Sunday blog hop just now and discovered this…

It is tragic that someone could walk through a CRAFT show and feel that its ok to steal something.  I am gobsmacked and flabbergasted.

I am posting this in the hope that whoever reads it can pass it on and maybe Nikki’s bag will be found and returned to her.  Hopefully Someone saw it happen, or actually notices that their “friend” is wearing it or gives it to someone else for a “gift”…

Link here for the original story on Nikki’s blog or here for curlypops post  on the matter.

My Creative Space…..

I know, I know, Kirsty said there is no linky thing this week, but I want this to be a habit and am not stopping for anyone! (Plus it was my school holidays last week, we only have one week, so here I am today 🙂  )

I always took myself to be a non-knitter.  I have tried and tried over the years to knit anything from a scarf to one of the famous clown dolls.  Boy I gave it my best shot.  I LOVE knitted garments so VERY much, but thought I would never be able to produce my own…thats all changed! YAY!  Just before our holiday the BH+G mag had a knitting pattern book with easy to complicated items in it.  There is a lovely garter stitch swing jacket that I thought possible but had the little voice of doubt going on in my head.  On holidays I bought the wool and needles (two sizes no less!) to give it a go.  Lastnight I got out a knitting book for kids that I found in my school library.  Tis SO EASY!  Can’t believe it.  Figured out what I was doing wrong all these years.  I made a little practice swatch lastnight before I got all gung ho and wasted the wool for the project.  This is what I came up with….

And as promised here is a BAD photo of my new fabric stash….please excuse plastic bags…took the photo on my way out the door!

I would like to extend a big thank you to the few who have offered to help in my quest for a school cafe.  It is really exciting to see things coming together with your emails of what you have.  You are doing something REALLY wonderful and if I could I would hug you ;-D

Normally I would say to get on over to Kootoyoo to see what the rest of the world has been creating, but they are apparently having a rest for the school hols.  I think you should go there anyways because Kirsty has been on a mission decorating ugly wire coathangers and has produced some very AMAZING little items.  You will be most impressed!!!

Where oh where did i see it???

I just received the most gorgeous stash of fabrics and the like from Quilt Fabric Delights.  All too cute and pretty. Some I had ordered for a purpose, a tea cosy made with pinks and greens and oranges…BUT i forgot to save the link and now I can’t find it!  I am pretty sure it was on someone’s blog that i visited on Kootoyoo for My Creative Space a few weeks ago, but maybe its not…Oh well…

Will edit and upload some pics of my new purchase when I get home….

Just get over it….

Apparently the so called love of my life has decided that I am a drama queen and should just get over the mouse thing.  I am sorry I just can not!  I get up in the morning get in his car and there is poop on the seat!!! (and the fabulous smell to go with it) then I come to work to clear the fresh (and sometimes blue) poop from my desk before I can begin my job…then it is everywhere through out my day.  My reason right now for posting is that there are two darlings (mice that is) having a conversation (or is that an arguement) about the tasty blue block i just arranged for them to share.

Arrival at farm at 1am was met with rat and mouse poop in own bed.  Not sleeping there.  Ok, swag, you beauty! I have the swag on the roof rack! YAY! saved.  But NO.  Said swag has been filled with poop and a DEAD BODY.  Am NOT sleeping in that for a LONG time :/

So, you tell me, drama queen or just darn over it! LOL

PS what sort of camera do you use to upload your photos on your blog?  I am in the market for a new SLR but have no idea where to start!

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