Can you help???

In an attempt at keeping my life ‘safe’  I endeavour not to put on the net much of where I actually live and what I do, but this morning I had a brain wave and need your help!

 I am the principal of a small indigenous school in the centre of Australia.  None of my students speak English as a first language.  We have never been on a major school trip in the time I have been here (coming up to 4 years in a couple of months. WOW where did that go?)  I have a really brave idea for a trip that we are going to need buckets of money for and you might be able to help us to fundraise and create a great sense of community engagement in the school also…  My staff and I want to start a school CAFE.    We want to serve devonshire teas and food prepared from our outstanding vegie garden.  We want ‘train up ‘ some of the teenagers in ‘waitressing’ and money handling. We want to do this at least three times a term on a Saturday morning.   BUT we don’t have any crockery or silver ware.  There are not too many op shops at MUTITJULU, especially ones that sell shabby chic teacups, saucers and plates, fun old vintage cutlery and tablecloths.  If you can help I can cover freight costs.  If you can’t help, please pass on the message to anyone who might help or knows someone who can.

To the best of my knowledge this has never been done before in my area.  tis an endeavour to say the least but boy am I excited!  Please use the contact form if you can help in any way.  Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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