And this is what life is……

What more is there to say?  A picture tells a thousand words!  Mind you there are quite a few missing!  These are from my iphone.

The past few months have been a crazy emotional roller coaster.  Christmas came a went with some very beaut homemade gifts – some pictured above – jams from our own fruit (my first attempts at jam making ever) and Worcestershire  sauce to go in some pressies. YUM!  Then life was hectic with my boys visiting – pics of that I have no idea…but lots of sewing happened in that time, bags, coasters, clothes and my very own DS pouch all quilted and cute for the kids to keep their DS’s safe.  Happy with those and pics will come! Maybe I might create more and put them on ETSY.  THEN it was January, a mad drive to take boys to Sydney, only to LITERALLy race home to beat the floods.  Had to walk the last creek to make sure we would make it.  We were cut off from the world for three days, no power, water (buckets though)phones or mobiles.  CRAZY.  we were lucky though, there is a great deal of damage to the house but it is structural, we had minimal water inside – only from gutters overflowing, not from the ground up so to speak… Then only a few days after that we had to race back to our place of work to deal with a horrible break in that took two weeks to clean up!  

Anyway, things are settled now, I have started baking and sewing again, still trying to get my Blythe clothes to fit right, I am too generous with the seam allowance I think.  Made the most GLORIOUS red velvet cake  ever which if you happen to read this you can find here.  Anyways, that is all short and brief, but chicken must come out of the oven!  I am endeavouring to post at least three times a week from now on…lets keep our fingers crossed.  🙂

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