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And so, here we are, my first attempt at the ipod pouch…needs a bit of tweaking.  DD chose the fabrics, it is quilted and lined.  I have just located the perfect button but don’t have appropriate thread to stitch it on with, so that will come in a few days when we get down south to a shop!   Its my first attempt at the pouch, and using binding.  I am SO mystified by binding.  I actually wanted to bind the sides, but in the 15 mins I had spare yesterday, I couldn’t figure out how to do it so it was the same as the picture  in my head…oh well.  I need to learn this little skill, so that I can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that I want to with my sewing.

Can’t wait to see what others have up about their creative spaces.  Have you visited Kootoyoo to see all the other wonderful creative spaces out there in blog land????


Ooohhh today is WEDNESDAY

ITS HUMP DAY! Yay, its the middle of the last week of term…and its one day till we can upload to My Creative Space. How excitement!!!
I just love Wednesdays, as the week is all down hill from here. What are you doing today? I am CLEANING my office! Mouse Plague here has taken its toll on my nostrils. :/

Mission Monday

Hi There anyone and everyone!

I am on a mission today to get at least one sheet for the vintage sheet FQ swap that I signed up for over at green tea and red nails.  Very excited about it I must say! 

When I was scrapping I did a million gazillion swaps – circle journals, recipes, atc’s, then there were supplie swaps – ribbon, flowers, buttons, chipboard etc.  The list was endless.  I found myself yearning a little for a swap that might help to link me in with somelike minded sewing enthusiasts and crafters and there it was.  On a page I linked to through Kootoyoo last week for my creative space, a BRAND SPANKING NEW SWAP just for me.  ONly thing is I am in the middle of nowhere without opshop in sight! HA HA HA HA HA  Got a few people on the look out in their area for me, and in only a short 5 days I will be down at my farm which is not quite op shop city, BUT it is certainly a start.  Yippee!

Do you have a MOnday Mission?????

Leave a comment, I would love to hear about it.





Yum! Watermelon and Ginger jam…over Christmas i finally made my first ever jams and LOVED the whole process.
Over the past two weeks we harvested more than 60kgs of watermelon and that was just 6 melons!
There is only so much you can give away and i have been keen to try my hand at sauce or jam since tasting watermelon and chilli sauce from and old bloke up the road from the farm. So jam is my creation this week…
The recipe is simply a basic jam recipe with a twist.
5kg melon
3.5kg sugar
Juice and rind of 2 lemons
Reasonable size knob of Ginger(mine was half my palm)
2pkts jam setta

Chop melon flesh into small pieces and place in LARGE pot. Add sugar and warm through till all juicey then turn up the heat. Peel and grate Ginger, add lemons. Cook on high simmer/ slow boil till liquid clears. This took well over an hour! Much of melon dissolves. Rinse and steralise jars (5mins hot oven). While jars in oven add jam setta and continue to boil 15-20 mins. Remove jars and let cool SLIGHTLY. they must be hot to add jam. Test for set according to setta packet. Add to jars, add lids and let cool. ENJOY!!!

You ca find many more creative spaces @

Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know you were here and I will visit you to see what you have been up to 🙂

Pondering a couple of things…Do YOU know the answers??

Hmm, I am sitting here waiting for the lids on my watermelon and ginger jam to ‘suck in’ and wonder if cooking is a part of “My Creative Space”? If you know please leave a comment… I am having trouble leaving a comment for Kirsty over at Kootoyoo at the moment.

Secondly, do you know of a sew along happening NOW or VERY soon? I am feeling very motivated but lost at the same time. :/

Can you help???

In an attempt at keeping my life ‘safe’  I endeavour not to put on the net much of where I actually live and what I do, but this morning I had a brain wave and need your help!

 I am the principal of a small indigenous school in the centre of Australia.  None of my students speak English as a first language.  We have never been on a major school trip in the time I have been here (coming up to 4 years in a couple of months. WOW where did that go?)  I have a really brave idea for a trip that we are going to need buckets of money for and you might be able to help us to fundraise and create a great sense of community engagement in the school also…  My staff and I want to start a school CAFE.    We want to serve devonshire teas and food prepared from our outstanding vegie garden.  We want ‘train up ‘ some of the teenagers in ‘waitressing’ and money handling. We want to do this at least three times a term on a Saturday morning.   BUT we don’t have any crockery or silver ware.  There are not too many op shops at MUTITJULU, especially ones that sell shabby chic teacups, saucers and plates, fun old vintage cutlery and tablecloths.  If you can help I can cover freight costs.  If you can’t help, please pass on the message to anyone who might help or knows someone who can.

To the best of my knowledge this has never been done before in my area.  tis an endeavour to say the least but boy am I excited!  Please use the contact form if you can help in any way.  Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

My Creative Space…

Its nice to be getting some craft done, after what seems like forever of not having the time.  I am really loving the MY CREATIVE SPACE blogging expedition through kootoyoo and hope that you join me in celebrating the work of some VERY talented folk. 

I am working on what was to be a cushion cover for my son, who is an eels supporter.  I was informed by my daughter that the eels were green with a bit of blue and yellow.  Much to my surprise its actually blue and yellow with a bit of green!!! So now the green granny squares that I have learned to crochet will be added to in great amounts to create a blanket for him instead…

My daughter is invited to a birthday party for one of her best friends, and we have decided that a make up kit and a little pouch to hold it all in will be just the order of the day.  She has chosen the beautifully bright fat quarters from spotlight and I will whip it up a little later this afternoon.

I really can’t wait to see what others have going on at their creative spaces that you can find at kootoyoo.  Please don’t be shy if you visit here, leave a message as I will for you.

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