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Well it seems like forever since I made it on to the computer.So much has been happening that I just haven’t had thetime…although I have had plenty of time to surf and read everyone elses blogs! LOL

Have been very busy creating for Christmas and just for something to do.  I gave up smoking about 3 months ago now and have so much more time it seems.  I have learned to crochet and have made some cute dish cloths for pressies this year, to go with the coasters(which I need to get cracking on mind you!).

Over the last two days I have made two bags, yup two! Never made one before in my life and now one a day… first one I made (the black and green below) was from the Bagalicious club which you can find here at Quilt Fabric Delights.  The second one was an altered form incorporating my new learned skills from bag 1 and a pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Carol….a glorious book if you want inspriation, tips and tricks, or some nifty patterns to keep.  I am pretty well done with a little monster softie I have made to gift a friend which is also exciting.

I must tell you that at school I have been trying to teach my class about persistence…took my crochet hook and wool and created while the kids had their free play just before going to lunch.  They were so excited to learn about my new skill, and how long had I been doing it etc.  It was a fabulous opportunity for them to use questions and english for something, and it was a really different scenario.   Made me smile.

I have tried and tried to insert links to Quilt Fabric Delights and Bend the Rules Sewing but for some strange reason I can’t do that right now! 😐  Sorry…. 

Have some BLUE cupcakes in the oven for a birthday surprise for our young neighbour…hoping the party Mum doesn’t get to flustered with kids running around crazy after them…


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  1. ana
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 14:47:43

    visiting from kootoyoo 🙂

    you know, nothing teaches persistence like the fibre arts!


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