What a month!

The past few weeks have been so hectic and to top it off i found myself a walking zombie due to some sort of germ that thought I was a gracious host… Anyway, the past few weeks have included, but have not been limited to the best first school fete ever! Thanks heaps to my fabulous family for contributing their time and effort in so many different ways. The kids baked and glued till the cows came home…

 Here they are making coconut ice. We also made toffees (YAY) caramel popcorn, cakes and cupcakes. I whipped up some little skirts from an old sheet and some scrap fabrics, and some bandanas also. My class made popcorn cups, pencil toppers (with glittered pencils attached!) and some groovy peg magnets covered in Japanese papers. It was all such a hit.

 During that same week the kids had a bit of a damper baking extravaganza that ended up being cooked in the oven because the weather turned ugly…

After damper making and fetes it was school holidays, which began with me  throwing up all the way to Victoria and not being the share driver as anticipated! BLAH, then starting the first day at the farm in the Boort  emergency dept!

The farm was so amazing after the floods, the grass (and weeds) were SO high, but stood no chance against the whipper snipperer and lawn mowerer from hell *giggle*


Oh and I forgot to mention Ren had a dress up day at school for a belated Book Week activity (weather was frightful when it was supposed to be held)  Here she is all done up as Calypso from the Pirates of the Carribean

   Isn’t she just gorgeous!

Oh and I also forgot to mention how I have finally met my first niece and got to do Aunty duties for a short time.  YAY!  Can’t wait for Christmas to spend more time with Olive and Ci 🙂 oh and Steve too I spose 😉

I will post again tomorrow with more of this weekends happenings! I have been sewing a cover for my machine and am hoping to get onto some coasters for Christmas pressies! Yippee, going for the hand made Christmas this year!

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