Getting Ready….

On Wednesday we will hold our first school fete. I am busily sewing up some bandana scarf thingos, some quick and easy skirts, making rice paper covered pencils and lots of yummy goodies too. Kids at school have made some beautiful peg magnets and decorated pencil tops…too fun. Will upload some pictures later in the day.

Getting Ready….For HOLIDAYS! Yay! Five more working days to go before we go down home to the farm and see if it floated down the road with the rest of Charlton and Boort…hmmm hope not…


How Fun..

A few snaps of yesterday – making tabouli, my fav thing in the garden etc!

A little bit of home…

How fun is this…

These super yummy spuds and one tester carrot (IE first carrot to be pulled to assess its size) have been grown in our beautiful red desert sand and picked yesterday!  I am so excited cos there really isn’t anything as yummy as fresh spuds.

Well, maybe there isn’t anything as yummy as anything that you grow yourself might be a better way to put it!

This weekend I have been extremely busy being a domestic goddess 🙂  I have totally revamped the office come scrap space and it is now an office come sewing space with the optional extra of craft of any sort…imagine seeing the top of a table for the first time in a year maybe! LOL  This little revamp included hands and knees scrubbing of the horrible tiled floor that was stained with paint, double sided tape, glue, ink and goodness knows what else crafty (not to mention the good old red sand)  So now instead of dirty grubby marks I have clean spots!!! hee hee hee…  It has also cost me my guitar tuner of all things.  One minute its on the guitar next thing its not.  Really hoping it hasn’t gone into the wash with the sheets this morning.  I am so looking forward to the mail next week.  Several millions of packages expected from ebay and MOST importantly Quilt Fabric Delights…Got my first installment of the bagalicious club last week but am waiting on the extras i have ordered as they are just TOOOOO yummy.

YAY! and Hello Again

First post on a new blog.  How exciting to be back.  Hope to catch up with folks that I have been missing and share with you what we do! Stay tuned for an update on my new handbag I hope to make on the weekend.  🙂